Student Research

Much of the site content was researched—and continues to be researched—by Columbia University students.  Below is a listing of student research and interviews.

2019 CU & Slavery Class

Columbia University and Domestic Slavery: Violence, Resistance, Female Slaveholders, and the Projection of Civility and Domesticity by Keziah Anderson

Shaping Our Campus: A History of Enslaved Labor in 18th Century Morningside Heights by Cleome Barber

Slavery in the Archives: Mapping the campus discourse surrounding slavery from the 1890s to present day by Devin K. Barricklow

On Slavers and Settlers: A History of the Philipse Family, 1662-1785 by Meghan Brophy 

Corporate Bodies, Disdainful and Aloof: Columbia Fraternities and White Supremacy by Rosie Lichtenbaum

A Tarnished Legacy: George Fisher Baker, U.S. Steel, Convict Leasing and Columbia Athletics by Christopher Lopez

Latin American Community And Slavery: The relationship between the Libertarian Project of the Americas and the institution of slavery in New York City. 1820-1835 by Maria Martino

False Pearl Mounted in Gilt Copper: Paternalism and Colonization in the New York Manumission Society, The American Society for Meliorating the Condition of the Jews, and Columbia College by Callie Rosenberg

Race Science at Columbia University in the Early 20th Century by Amy Rupert

Open and Closed Doors at the University: Two Giants of the Harlem Renaissance by Citlalli Contreras Sandoval

Columbia, Coolies, Commerce & Cane: The Intersection of Columbia, Domino Sugar and Slavery by Nolen Scruggs

Bondage and Boards: Unfree Labor and the Construction of King’s College by Katie Smith

Centuries of Racialized Food for Thought: Columbia University, Slavery & the Food Industry by Sarah Toscano