Student Research

Much of the site content was researched—and continues to be researched—by Columbia University students.  Below is a listing of student research, interviews, and exhibits.

Student Research Projects

2016 CU & Slavery Class

A Columbia Family: Merchants, Slavers, Americans
by Daniel Echikson

“Run-away from the Subscriber”: Resistance Against King’s College and Columbia Slave-owning Students and Affiliates from the Class of 1760 to 1805
by Jordan Brewington

Erased: Columbia University and Patterns of Abuse of Black Women
by Maya Zundel

On Trial: Racialized Science, Politics, and the University in the 1808 Whistelo Trial
by Michaela Greer

Teaching Race and Medicine at Columbia
by Elana Sulakshana

2015 CU & Slavery Class

Ambition & Bondage: An Inquiry on Alexander Hamilton and Slavery 
by Ankeet Ball

Necessary Evils: Slavery and Columbia College’s Revolution Era and Post-Revolution Era Finances
by Lorenzo Alexander Gibson

Hardly Student Activists: Columbia College Students in the Early Republic
by Chloe Hawkey

Entrenched Apathy Toward “Horrible Iniquity”:  Columbia College Faculty and Slavery, 1784-1865
by Megan Kallstrom

“A Merchants’ College:” King’s College (1754-1784) and Slavery
by Sharon Liao

“New Birth of Freedom”: Columbia Alumni, The New York Manumission Society and the end of Slavery in New York
by Cody Nager

“Possessed of but One Idea Himself”: John Jay II’s Challenges to Columbia on Slavery and Race
by Jared Odessky

“Africa’s Glory and America’s Hope”: Columbia’s Involvement in the African Colonization Movement
by Sarah Schutz

Columbia's Civil War Presidents: How Charles King and Frederick A.P. Barnard's Views On Slavery Shaped Columbia
by Sabrina Singer

A Tale of Two Columbias: Francis Lieber, Columbia University and Slavery
by Samara Trilling

Joseph Murray, Edward Antill, and New York City's Interlocking Elite
by Tyler Zimmet